Adult Students
Online Tutorial

One to One Tutoring

£35 per hour

We take a comprehensive and collaborative approach in creating a plan and program that is personalised for every student. All children are different and will have varying strengths and weaknesses. Adjusting our tuition to different personalities and specific academic needs, we always find what works best.

Small Group Tutoring (2-4 children)

£25 per hour

Learning in groups with other children can often be a successful approach to tuition as children can work with each other to understand and solve problems with their peers. Unlike some other tutoring services offering group sizes of 8-10 students, we do believe that small groups work best. We limit the class sizes to a maximum of 4 children to ensure that each child can also receive the individual help and assistance that they need.

Mock & Practice Exams


We offer practice and mock exams to help prepare your child for the real thing. These are run under timed, exam conditions and followed by comprehensive analysis and group, peer-to-peer discussion. Not only are they a valuable learning experience but they also help reduce any stress or anxiety a child may have about the actual exam as they will know what to expect and be more confident going into it. These mock session happen throughout the year but we are also able to provide individual or ad hoc mock exam sessions too, just drop us an email to arrange.